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>Herbal Medicine Festival>The guide to the successive events

The guide to the successive events
41 times 2018 Subject : Meeting the Oriental Herb Medicine Culture on the Streets
Slogan : The Streets that Herb Medicine Culture bloomed on. Please come and have fund in Daegu Yangnteongsi!
40 times 2017 Subject : Healthy youth blooming in Yangnyeongsi 愛
Slogan : Come and have fun in Healing Oriental Herbal Land in Yangnyeongsi !
39times 2016 Subject : Fragrance of Oriental medicine everywhere, healthy laughter in every step
Slogan : Come to Yangnyeongsi, filled with the fragrance of Oriental medicine and art!
38times 2015 Subject : Healthy excursion in Yangnyeongsi
Slogan : Come to Yangnyeongsi, no.1 healthy place!
37times 2014 Subject : A healthy smile delivered by healing hands
Slogan : Come to Yangnyeongsi, filled with healthy fragrance!
36times 2013 Subject : A healthy excursion with smile
Slogan : Come for a healthy breeze !
Selected as 『Cultural Tourism Excellence Festival』by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism
35times 2012 Subject : Pleasant accompaniment, healthy excursion
Slogan : A pleasant day, a healthy life! Meet in Yangnyeongsi!
Selected as『Cultural Tourism Excellence Festival』by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism
34times 2011 Subject : A healthy excursion to Yangnyeongsi
Slogan : Come and get a dose of smile and health !
33times 2010 Subject : Famous medicine of ancestors has passed 400 years.. A Medi-city of Daegu Yangnyeongsi
Slogan : The skies of 400 years ago in Yangnyeongsi will be held in 2010
32times 2009 Subject : A healthy life coexisting with nature
Oriental Medicine Cultural Festival in Daegu Yangnyeongsi 2009
31times 2008 Subject : Breath of Yangnyeong, Wave of Health!
Slogan : Your five senses into your health
30times 2007 Subject : Korean Oriental Herb - Well-being Road 2007
Slogan : Dreaming of a disease free longevity
29times 2006 Subject : Oriental Herb Well-being Road 2006
The street you want to find, remember, stay in and dream making
28times 2005 Yangnyeongsi Cultural Festival
27times 2004Subject : Health, full of fragrant herbs
Held from May 1 to May 5
26times 2003 '2003 Yangnyeongsi Festival' Webpage opened for Night performances and events for employees, a herbal-themed ceremony for citizen participation, A memorial service for the victims of Daegu subway tragedy
25times 2002 Herbal flower bud composition, experience of making rice cakes, free treatment of oriental herbs
24times 2001 Pottery making class, Chinese medicinal seeds service, Medical alcohol collection, Opening of oriental herb medicine food camp
23times 2000 Switch to spring event (May) for Demonstration of oriental herb Medicine brewing, Instant sale of herbal medicine, Disclosure of Oriental herbal medicine auctions Yangnyeongsi festival was designated as 'Culture and Tourism Festival' in 2001
22times 1999 Herbal flower bud composition, herbal slides lecture, oriental medicine book exhibition - Held twice in spring and autumn
21times 1998 Free medical treatment and free gift for oriental medicine, free tasting of herbal medicine tea
20times 1997 Herb (Leaf) Collection Competition, Baekdu Mountain Herb Photography Exhibition, Wild medicinal herb exhibition
19times 1996 Gyeongsang Auditor Lim Soon-ryuk, elementary school farmers’ music contest
18times 1995 Exhibition of herbal medicine bonsai photo, gift of restorative herb medicine, display of ginseng and red ginseng
17times 1994 Instant song boasting, herbal medicine weight-matching, Oriental herb alcohol, Cooking display
16times 1993 Exhibition of classical musical instruments, housewife & elderly health care oriental lecture, traditional talent contest, Yangnyeongsi exhibition hall opened
15times 1992 Traditional Korean-style cookies exhibitions and sales, Provision of free traditional tea and herbal tea
14times 1991 Traditional music performance
13times 1990 Provision of child oriental restorative medicine, Displays herbal medicine bonsai
12times 1989 Free tasting of traditional medicinal teas, Displays imported medicinal materials
11times 1988 Old-fashioned rice cake, Punggi ginseng display sale, Children's Korean clothing contest, Traditional Chinese medicine market notice
10times 1987 Exhibition of Oriental herb medicine materials, Establishment of import and export of Oriental herb medicine
9times 1986 Academic seminar on Oriental herb medicine cutting competition, Exhibition of Oriental herb medicine machinery
8times 1985 Free subdivision of each pharmacy, Oriental herb medicine permanent exhibition hall opened
7times 1984 National Competition
6times 1983 Same as 1982
5times 1982 Opened the night market (15th), Set up a shop window, Opened the herbal medicine wholesale market
4times 1981 Same as 1980, Participation in 'Guk-Pung 81' / Visit of President
3times 1980 Establishment of Oriental herb medicine exhibition hall, exhibition of prescription drugs (20 kinds)
2times 1979 Exhibition of herbal medicine materials (paired), National folk art festival
1times 1978 Basic events such as opening ceremony, examinations, farmers’ music and playing games, Establishment of resurrection committee of Yangnyeongsi