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Enjoying the Festival

  • The oriental medicine healing cluster giving and receiving health,
    healing and satisfaction

    Through the oriental marketplace selling and buying health and healing,
    Daegu Yangnyeongsi provides excellent oriental medicine treatment,
    various health information and oriental medicine products,
    and the visitors come to know about the health care method suitable
    for their ow constitution and can purchase medicinal herbs at an affordable price.

  • “Sasang Constitution Hall” for knowing about the health care method suitable for you

    Diagnosing the Sasang constitution (Taeyangin, Taeumin, Soyangin, Soeumin) through the fingerprint recognition system and acquiring information on the health care method by constitution through consultation with Korean medicine doctors

  • “Oriental Medicinal Healing Center”
    for receiving the oriental medical treatment free of charge

    Guiding visitors’ health care through free oriental medical treatment mainly
    by Chuna manual therapy and consultation

  • “Exhibition Hall of Thematic Medicinal Herbs” for learning about healthy medicinal herbs for contemporary people

    Exhibiting the medicinal herbs used for preventing ‘fine dust’ which is a main concerns of 2019 and various cancers The exhibition is organized so that the visitors can see, touch and smell the medicinal herbs while listening to explanation from experts.

  • “Yangnyeongsi Merchandise Store”
    for purchasing good oriental medicine products for your health

    체Buying excellent oriental medicine products suitable
    for you by constitution at an affordable price at Daegu Yangnyeongsi

  • “Experiencing the Medicinal Herb Wholesale Market” for knowing Daegu Yangnyeongsi at a glance

    It is a program that helps you know about the identity of Daegu Yangnyeongsi which was a large distribution market of medicinal herbs by reproducing on the street the appearance of the only wholesale market of medicinal herbs in Korea.