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  • Madangguk (Traditional Korean Performance) - Indispensible persons on the Street
    Date : May, 01, 2020     
    Event hours : 12:00 ~ 17:00
    Place : The whole area of the festival venue
    ⊙ Content
    - Various characters like Heo Jun and Daejanggeum go around the festival venue, exchanging Yangnyeong Tongbo (the brass coin used in the festival venue) and providing unique attractions.
    - Conducting the flash mob at the entrance of the east side every hour on the hour

  • Experiencing the culture of the oriental medicine
    Date : May, 01, 2020     
    Place : Suhyup Bank ~ Daegu Yangnyeongsi Souvenir Shop
    ◎ You can experience the traditional culture of the oriental medicine of Yangnyeongsi - Experiencing the traditional costumes
    - Experiencing the traditional etiquette
    - Experiencing wrapping of the medicinal herbs
    - Making the oriental medicinal soap

  • Experiencing the Foot Bath with Oriental Medicine
    Date : May, 01, 2020     
    Place : At the plaza in front of the Museum of Oriental Medicine
    ⊙ Content of the event
    : We hope you to relieve fatigue while having a foot bath in the water infused with 7 kinds of medicinal herbs in the flower-scented outdoor foot baths.

  • Experience Hall of Sasang Constitution
    Date : May, 01, 2020     
    Place : Sehwa Parking Lot
    ◎ Content of the event
    - Diagnosis experience of Sasang constitution (Taeyangin, Taeumin, Soyangin, and Soeumin)
    - Determining your own constitution by consulting with experts after analyzing the constitution through the fingerprint recognition system
    - Combining the event of picking up medicinal herbs suitable for the constitution after determining Sasang constitution
    - Displaying various information relating to Sasang constitution in the Exhibition Hall
    ※ Entrance fee and some experiences shall be charged.

  • Oriental Medicinal Healing Center
    Date : May, 01, 2020     
    Place : In front of Jungbu Branch of Daegu City Gas
    ◎ Content of the event
    - Oriental herb medicine treatment and consultation service
    - Proceeding with visitors’ health care with Chuna manual therapy as a theme

  • Experience of Beauty Care with the Oriental Medicine
    Date : May, 01, 2020     
    Place : Dae Bo Pharmacy ~ Koryo Ginseng Store
    ⊙ Content
    - You can experience the beauty care using the oriental medicine.
    - Experience of hand massage and face pack with the oriental medicine, nail art with medicinal herb or flower

  • Transmitted Handicraft Competition
    Date : May, 05, 2020     
    Event hours : 15:00 ~ 16:00
    Place : In front of Yangnyeong Gate ~ in front of Dae Bo Pharmacy
    ⊙ The program for transmission of the traditional oriental medicine culture
    - Transmitted Handicraft Competition of slicing the medicinal herbs for carrying on our legacy
    - A spectacular scene is produced in the contest where people working in the market of the oriental medicine and university students majoring in the oriental medicine gather together and compete with one another in slicing the medicinal herbs with the skill which they have polished up all the while.